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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Oversight

Broadband: A Data Stroll

A data stroll offers users the opportunity to walk through and explore data and information at their leisure. We created this Broadband Data Stroll to allow the general public to navigate through the national broadband landscape and the related IIJA funded programs. In addition, the stroll provides background information and context, so users have a solid understanding of internet options before they explore the data on their own.

The objectives of this product are threefold:

  1. raise awareness of broadband as part of our oversight mission
  2. provide context that can supplement related work
  3. provide oversight and transparency of agency funding as it relates to broadband

...with that, we hope you enjoy your stroll through broadband.

Broadband: A Data Stroll
Click image to view the Broadband Data Stroll

Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act (IIJA) Funding Dashboard

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) Funding Dashboard allows stakeholders to explore USDA programs that received IIJA funding, as well as IIJA monies awarded through USDA. This interactive dashboard displays information on IIJA-funded programs as reported by USDA to the White House and data on awards, such as contracts and grants, as reported by USDA to USAspending.gov.

The dashboard allows a user to explore available uses of IIJA funding and the amounts of IIJA funds obligated. It also presents the unaudited data at multiple levels of detail for users.

The dashboard displays unaudited data from USAspending and Build.gov. The spending/award data source is USAspending, which is updated daily. The program appropriations data set was derived from the BIL Guidebook on Build.gov and is a static data set.