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All Reports

Semiannual Report to Congress

FY 2023 - Second Half

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Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Pilot Program

Report Number:

We reviewed whether the Risk Management Agency’s and selected approved insurance providers’ oversight of the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Pilot Program was sufficient to ensure that approved revenues, liabilities, and indemnity payments were accurate.

Risk Management Agency

Fiscal Year 2023 Quarter 3 Security Evaluation

Report Number:

OIG reviewed the security of the Forest Service’s information systems and is recommending security improvements.

Inspection / Evaluation
Forest Service

IIJA Reconnect Program - RUS Consideration and Balance of Broadband Needs

Report Number:

We completed this informational report on a review of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Reconnect Program - Rural Utilities Service consideration and balance of broadband needs, as conducted by an independent certified public accounting firm.

Inspection / Evaluation
Rural Utilities Service

IIJA–Restoration Projects on Federal/Non-Federal Land: Project Selection

Report Number:

We conducted this work as part of our ongoing inspection with the objective to conduct integrated oversight of the funding provided to Forest Service's Restoration Projects on Federal and Non-Federal Land from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Forest Service

Prevented Planting Followup

Report Number:

We reviewed how RMA administered and oversaw the Federal Crop Insurance Program’s requirements for prevented planting.

Risk Management Agency