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Biomass Crop Assistance Program: Collection, Harvest, Storage, and Transportation Matching Payments Program

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Joint Report
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No (location specific)
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Funds for Better Use


Require the field office in Johnson County, Missouri, to (1) review all delivery documents submitted by participating owners in support of disbursed matching payments; (2) identify all improperly established dry weight ton equivalents of biomass material eligible for matching payments (i.e., all those not reduced to zero percent moisture); and (3) recover all associated improper payments.

Require, through direction to the appropriate State offices, that county offices recover the improperly issued matching payments associated with deliveries of biomass material completed prior to approval of the owners’ CHST applications.

Based on the determinations reached regarding scheme or device, initiate appropriate administrative actions including the termination of any violated facility agreements and the recovery of any improperly disbursed matching payments plus interest. Coordinate with OIG Investigations prior to initiating any administrative actions.