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Consolidated Report of FNS and Selected State Agencies’ Controls Over SFSP

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number:
Report Type
Food and Nutrition Service
OIG consolidated the relevant results and common control issues of six SFSP audits at FNS and four States and determined whether any additional controls were needed to enhance SFSP efficiency and effectiveness.
Joint Report
Agency Wide
No (location specific)

United States

Funds for Better Use


Revise guidance to describe how SFSP applicants can demonstrate their financial management capabilities.

Revise guidance to describe how State agencies should assess the applicants’ financial capabilities to properly account for program funds.

Revise guidance to describe how and when State agencies should ensure applicants’ sites do not serve the same meal to the same children as other SFSP sites in the same area.

Provide State agencies with training and establish monitoring procedures for FNS to ensure its newly issued guidance (in Recommendations 1-3) is implemented and functioning effectively.

Require State agencies to verify that sponsor claims for reimbursement are properly payable by reviewing sponsor cost records needed to support the meal claim accuracy (i.e., milk and food receipts).