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Controls Over Conservation Innovation Grants

Report Information

Date Issued
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Report Type
Natural Resources Conservation Service
We reviewed NRCS’ oversight of the CIG program.
Joint Report
Agency Wide
No (location specific)

United States

Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Review and revise existing policy for monitoring CIG projects at both the national and State levels to include tracking receipt of performance reports and ensuring grantees have NRCS contacts available for assistance during the entire performance period.

Establish a process for withholding payments from grantees who violate the reporting terms and conditions outlined in the CIG grant agreement.

Obtain and assess missing quarterly and semiannual reports from the 35 CIGs reviewed and determine if $4,366,090 in CIG funds were paid out appropriately or if funds should be recovered. If CIG funds should be recovered, begin the recovery process.

Develop a process to conduct and document periodic reviews of the grantees’ records, at the national and State level, to verify third party matching contributions, i.e. cash and/or in-kind, obtained and utilized during CIG projects.

Reinforce the provisions of the terms and conditions in the CIG agreement relating to maintaining supporting documentation, including documentation for matching funds.