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Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

Report Information

Date Issued
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Food and Nutrition Service
Food and Nutrition Service
OIG reviewed FNS’ controls over FDPIR household eligibility and administrative costs, as well as its controls to prevent damaged, spoiled, and lost food.
Joint Report
Agency Wide
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United States

Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Require Southwest Regional Office (SWRO) to review all current, and future changes to Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) Federal State agreements and plans of operation, for the Indian Tribal Organization (ITOs) within its jurisdiction, to ensure that they reflect relevant updates and confirm that forms are signed and dated by all required parties.

Require SWRO to develop and implement a documented process to ensure ITOs timely submit all required FDPIR reports. The process should include procedures for following up with ITOs.

Require SWRO to routinely obtain and evaluate ITO's completed annual operations reviews to identify potential issues or trends as well as to ensure that ITOs implement corrective actions to address issues or concerns.

Direct SWRO to work with the certification specialist from the ITO with identified documentation deficiencies to complete eligibility certification training.

Develop and implement additional guidance to the FNS Handbook 501, Chapter 3, Section 3533, to include a description of what would be considered reasonable and sufficient documentation to adequately support eligibility determinations and to document third-party verification for any FDPIR applicant who reports $0 income.