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Multi-Family Housing Tenant Eligibility

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number:
Report Type
Rural Housing Service
Rural Housing Service
OIG evaluated RHS’ controls over tenant eligibility to occupy multi-family rental housing in rural areas
Joint Report
Agency Wide
No (location specific)

United States

Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Develop and provide training or guidance to property management on documentation requirements for tenant files, including document retention policies, income calculations, and any adjustments to income.

Develop and provide MFH property owners training or guidance on best practices for document transfers during management company changes.

Pursue recovery or take other action as appropriate for the $3,973 in unauthorized assistance and other errors we identified.

Establish additional controls, such as data system reviews or alerts, to ensure the proper tracking and prioritization of past due triennial supervisory reviews.

Schedule and complete triennial supervisory reviews on the MFH properties that have not received a supervisory review in the previous 3 years.