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National Veterinary Stockpile Oversight

Report Information

Date Issued
Report Number:
Report Type
Animal Plant Health Inspection Service
OIG reviewed whether APHIS adequately administered the NVS to ensure it is prepared to respond to animal diseases affecting human health and the economy.
Joint Report
Agency Wide
Yes (agency-wide)


Determine the cause of inventory discrepancies between actual counts of NVS supplies and equipment in the VS warehouse and the counts in the inventory management system. Then implement solutions to correct the causes of discrepancies, which includes resolving system functionality issues that result in incorrect inventory records.

Provide training to staff on processes necessary to operate the inventory management system.

Perform a complete physical inventory of NVS supplies and equipment, then update the inventory management system with the on-hand counts. VS should utilize staff who are independent of warehouse operations to perform this inventory.

Update the Warehouse SOP Manual to reflect the processes necessary to operate the inventory management system.

Develop and implement a schedule to inspect NVS equipment stored at contractor sites to verify that assets are properly maintained.