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Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization's Control Over the Eligibility of Contract Recipients

Report Information

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OIG reviewed how USDA awards contracts to small and disadvantaged businesses to ensure only eligible businesses receive contracts.
Joint Report
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United States

Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use


Inform GSA and SBA officials of the issues OIG found during this audit, including details on the specific contracts.

Work with the USDA agencies to determine what actions need to be taken against the four businesses that could not support their disadvantaged status. Consider taking suspension and debarment actions to prevent other USDA agencies and other Federal Departments from contracting with those businesses.

Develop and implement a process to review a sample of contracts at least annually to see if there is documentation to support small business and disadvantaged business status. Also, develop a process to periodically notify GSA and SBA officials regarding any businesses that USDA finds with inaccurate status information in SAM, or when information in FPDS and SAM does not match.