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Pennsylvania's Compliance with SNAP Requirements for Participating State Agencies

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Food Safety and Inspection Service
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Augment FNS CRD discrimination complaint processing procedures to address processing of long and complex complaints to ensure they are submitted to FNS CRD in accordance with required processing timeframes.

Require PA DHS to review the three identified cases that received benefits while incarcerated for over 30 days and determine if payments were improper and warrant establishment of a claim.

Require PA DHS provide guidance and/or training to case workers and new employees to ensure compliance with 7 CFR §272.13 Prisoner Verification System (PVS) requirements, with emphasis on the requirements associated with providing notice to the households of PVS match results and establishment of claims for individuals who have been incarcerated for over 30 days.

Require PA DHS review the PA CAP case identified to determine what action, if any, is required and to update the exchange status accordingly.

Require PA DHS establish a process for monitoring IEVS checks for all cases, including PA CAP cases, and ensure actions are completed within the 45-day prescribed time limit.