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RMA: Crop Insurance Compliance Case Management

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Risk Management Agency
Risk Management Agency
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Upon the completion of the business process review, develop, document, and implement a formal strategy for fully utilizing the Compliance Activities and Results System (CARS) for improving RMA’s national office’s oversight of its Regional Compliance Offices (RCO) and consistency across its compliance case management process.

Upon the completion of the business process review, obtain access to Reinsurance Accounting System (RAS) data for the Evaluation, Audit, and Recovery Division (EARD) to use in the development and reconciliation of routine Compliance Activity Reports to provide program oversight, including monitoring for Approved Insurance Provider (AIP) changes overwriting corrections in RMA databases and addressing key performance indicators.

Upon the completion of the business process review, update the Compliance Manual to include policies and procedures using CARS to its full capacity, including consistent methods for indexing, organizing, and tracking cases, and then enforce its use. Also, procedures for the performance of second-party reviews should be consistent to ensure investigations are fully supported and closed in a timely manner and only cases associated with compliance issues are entered in CARS.

Upon the completion of the business review process, develop and implement a formal national review process for RCOs that incorporates the revised policies and procedures

Issue policies and procedures to implement improvements for establishing and documenting reasonable expectation of receiving water