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USDA’s Digital Accountability and Transparency Act Compliance Efforts for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021

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We reviewed the FY 2020 fourth quarter financial and award data that USDA submitted for publication on USAspending.gov and any applicable procedures, certifications, documentation, and controls related to this process through FY 2021.
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RMA needs to report indemnities, underwriting gains, and premium subsidies for the DATA Act or obtain a legal opinion from the Office of the General Counsel that supports continuing not to report the transactions.

OCP needs to develop a process for conducting oversight to ensure that PIIDs are being properly entered in all USDA procurement systems to facilitate proper reporting of DATA Act Files C and D1.

OCFO needs to develop and implement the necessary process or system modification to address the duplication of data in File B that prevents the summary level data in File B from matching the data in File A.

CCC needs to develop and implement a process to ensure accounting data from WBSCM is properly reported for inclusion in USDA’s DATA Act submission.

FS needs to develop and implement a process to ensure that emergency incident procurement transactions are obligated and recorded in the period in which the binding agreement is reached, including the assignment and recording of PIIDs, to ensure proper DATA Act reporting.